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Terms and conditions

Rules and behavioral norms

Aparthotel Milano Inn is open all year round.

Thanks for choosing us and welcome to ApartHotel Milano Inn. Please pay attention to the rules and behavioural norms for a good living together.

Not respecting the norms could involve the contract termination and its legal and economic consequences.



  • The AparthotelMilanoInn (CSI Gestioni Srl) rules have been issued to assure a peaceful and orderly stay to everybody and a good use of the facility. 
  • It has bargaining power over AparthotelMilanoInn and the Guest so booking an accommodation and its confirmation from our staff, involves accepting the Rules.
  • Everybody must respect the Facility Rules. Click here to read them:
  • Not respecting the Rules and the Direction instructions could involve the forced departure of the transgressor. Furthermore, any incorrect behaviour can be reported to all the national and international tourists agencies. In case of crimes, they will be reported to the judicial authority.
  • Any specific recommendations set in the accommodations or in the shared areas must be respected.
  • Parents (or anyone who has the children’s responsibility) are responsible for their sons’ actions. Kids must act according to the Facility Rules, they have to respect the quiet in shared areas and parents must supervise them. Any activity that could bother other Guests is forbidden. Kids have to respect shared facilities at their disposal and, in general, all the Facility rules.
  • Both kids and adults behaviour is contractually relevant so any transgressions, upon the Direcition decision, implicates the contract annulment and the transgressor must leave the building. In the above mentioned cases, ApartHotel MilanoInn could withhold the deposit and ask for the rest, if necessary, as compensation for the damages (without prejudice to the right to claim compensation for any greater damage).
  • The staff in charge must contribute to the respect of the Facility Rules. Every guest, booking at the ApartHotel Milano Inn, accepts the contract authority of the above-mentioned staff who always acts according to the Italian rules and to the common norms of good manners and kindness. Every guest is respected and protected from any inappropriate behaviour. If the staff in charge will notice any inopportune acts, ApartHotelMilanoInn (after verifying what happened) could take legal action against the Guest. Depending on the transgression entity, the Facility could also ask for the police intervention and remove the disturber.
  • The Direction reserves the right to change the Facility Regulation at any time. The same will be posted online on 


  • a. During the Check-in (both standard or online) you must provide your ID card, it is necessary to inform the local police about any arrival

  • b. According to the law 13 del D.L. 30.06.2003 n. 196, the Guests’ data will be processed (both manually or by computer systems) to complete all the fiscal and bureaucratic procedures (issuing invoice, recording data, etc) and to inform our guests about next promotions.


  • a. Please contact the customer service by phone, by mail or by the form online
  • b. reservations available on our website, by phone or by mail at the
  • c. Every reservation must include kind and quantity of accommodations required, guests name and lastname, date and timing of arrival, number of adults and children (and their age to provide you with a customized quotation according to their needs), phone number and email.
  • d. The credit card details will be required after booking in order to verify the total amount required and to use it as guarantee.
  • e. Reservation will be confirmed by a deposit (by bank transfer or cash), specifying duration of your stay, kind of accommodation (suite or apartment), phone number and email.
  • f. Cleaning service and linens change are included in the price. Cleaning service on demand, room service by HQ delivery, private parking, bike rent, eventual damage (to people or items) and any other facility not mentioned above are not included in the standard rate.


  • a. In case of changes and cancellations, please respect the booking policies on our website. In case of annulment out of time or no-show, ApartHotel has the right to withdraw the rate of the first night or the total amount of the stay (in case of non- refundable reservations)

    b. Refund for annulment due to mistakes, personal reasons, troubles with the means of transportation, is not provided. The total amount of the booking will be withdrawn according to the law 1385-1386 cc.



  •  a. Balance is due once doing the check-in, even in case of credit card guarantee. Pre-authorization, requested as a deposit, will be valid during all your stay.We will transfer it after your departure, prior verifying the accommodation status and the balance due for any eventual service on demand. Any additional charges due to damages, thefts or unpaid services will be withdrawn from your credit card.
  • b. Pre-authorization will be unblocked after 30 days from your departure as per the bank procedures. In case you prefer to release the amount before, please ask for this by mail to ApartHotelMilanoInn and we could do it (after verifying point 5, clause a)
  • c. ELECTRONIC INVOICE: if you need invoice, please inform us at the check in and provide us with your billing details, SdI and PEC included. Invoices issued with the Guest’s tax code can not be annulled.
  • d. BALANCE OF THE ROOM: check in and settle the balance of your room by credit/debit card or by bank transfer (almost 4 days before your arrival). Cash payment on demand according to the maximum amount allowed by the law. Travel Cheques or bank drafts are not accepted.
  • f. NOT DECLARED GUESTS: Additional guests hosted without prior communication to the Facility will be charged to the Guest who booked the accommodation (+50% on the standard rate per day). ApartHotel Milano Inn has the right to report everything to the police.
  • g. CHARGED DUE TO KEYS LOSS: the facility is provided with electronic locks and remote keypad control. Giving the keys to guests could involve specific responsibilities: keys damage (Euro 45,00 minimum will be charged for the duplicate) or keys loss (Euro 100,00 minimum will be charged).
  • h. CHARGE FOR DAMAGES: Guests must refund the Facility for any damages caused by them or by kids and/or pets under their responsibility. In case linens will miss, they will be charged on your account.

6) ARRIVAL (Check-In)

  •  a. ACCESS ACCOMMODATIONS: it is not allowed before 2:30 PM (GMT+1) and it is available up to midnight (GMT+1) except for different previous agreements. Please fix the time of your arrival while reserving the room.
  • b. Guests receive the access code by email or SMS after the self check-in procedure. Guests data are required and mandatory (according to the law art. 109 modified by the art. 7, clause 2, law 203/9). A selfie is needed for the Guest’s identification. The balance is required to complete the check-in procedure.
  • c. MINORS: you need to be almost 18 years old to do a reservation. Unaccompanied minors could be accepted prior to receiving their parents’ written waiver, providing their phone number and their ID card copy.
  • d. CLIENTS’ GUESTS: report any additional guest, even if temporary, to the Facility Direction and provide us with his ID card. Let other people access the rooms is not allowed for public safety, unless the Direction gives you a written authorization.
  • e. PEOPLE IN THE ROOM: Every accommodation can be used just by the same people indicated during the check in.
  • f. USE OF PERSONAL DATA: guests’ personal data are treated according to the privacy regulation in force.
  • g. ASSIGNMENT OF THE ROOM: it is at the ApartHotel Milano Inn discretion, unless different written agreements.
  • h. CHECK OF THE ACCOMMODATION: please report immediately any eventual damage or malfunctioning in the room. Damages spotted after your stay are under your responsibility.

7) DEPARTURE (check-out)

  •  a. RESTITUTION OF THE ROOM: within 10:00 AM (GMT+1), except for different agreements, otherwise it is considered a journey extension. The access code is not valid anymore after checking out the room. Please leave the keys on the table in your room. The cleaning staff verifies the room after your leaving (please inform us immediately in case of any damage)
  • b. LATE DEPARTURE: after 11:00 AM (and within 1:00 PM in any case) there will be an additional charge of Euro 50,00. Beyond the time specified above, a day will be charged to the Guest card.
  • c. EARLY DEPARTURE: client must settle the whole amount of the reservation
  • d. RESTITUTION OF ITEMS: please remember to leave on the table badges, card, box keys or anything else provided by the Facility.


  • a. ROOM, CLEANING AND AVAILABILITY: client can access the room after 2:30 PM. It is always at the guests complete disposal except between 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM for the cleaning service. Cleaning service is not allowed while guests are in the room.

  • b. STAFF who can access the ACCOMMODATIONS: no one could enter your room while it is occupied except in case of additional cleaning services or for relevant changes of the scheduled standard ones. The staff could also access the accommodation for maintenance works or any other urgent reasons. ApartHotel Milano Inn will do the best to inform guests in time.

  • c. Please use the waste segregation bins in your accommodation. Leaving the Facility without throwing wastes away is not allowed.

  • d. LINENS CHANGE: once a week. Additional linens change on demand, upon payment.

    Any damages in the room will be evaluated by the Direction and, in case, a refund will be charged on the guest card. Please do not slam the doors. In case you will be back late, please be careful while closing the door to not disturb other guests.

    Accommodations are provided with whatever you need: blankets, pillows, towels and products for your personal hygiene. Taking away any of the provided items is not allowed.

    Please inform our customer service by phone or by chat of any loss item in the accommodation.

    Please close the main door by the small keypad and be sure that windows are closed in order to avoid any eventual theft.

    WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY UNATTENDED ITEM IN THE ROOM so, please, do not leave value items unattended. Do not forget to turn off the air conditioning before going out.


    In the accommodations is forbidden:

    – smoking, otherwise, the Direction has the right to withdraw the deposit as a refund. Smoking is forbidden in all the closed shared areas (lifts, landings, stairways, etc.)

    – using drugs, selling out your body or any other illegal activity.

    – Respecting vegetation, hygiene and tidiness everywhere is mandatory.

    – Throwing rubbish away is allowed just in the waste segregation bins. Do not leave any waste in the balcony or in the garden.

    – Do not hang the laundry outside the balcony or the terrace. There is a drying rack in every accommodation.

    – Access the room with weapons, knives, canes or any blunt item is forbidden.

    – Screaming is forbidden.

    – Low the volume of radio and TV from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM and from 10:00 PM to 10:00 AM. Please maintain a good attitude in shared areas such as stairways and hallways.

  • There is not a concierge service but our customer service is available up to 9:00 PM by phone or by chat (contact them through the email confirmation or on our website). Night customer service available for urgencies.


  • a. ApartHotelMilanoInn welcomes small and medium size pets prior communication to the Facility. Pets are welcomed just in specific accommodation for hygienic and allergic reasons. Use the leash while staying in shared areas.
  • b. The journey is free for your pet but there will be an additional charge of Euro 30,00 for the cleaning service. We use special cleansers for a better cleaning.
  • c. Pets arrival must be communicated before the reservation.
  • d. Always use the leash while staying in shared areas.
  • e. Using bed linens and bath towels for your pet is forbidden.
  • f. Pets can not stay on tables, beds, armchairs, etc.
  • g. Leaving pets unattended in the room is strongly forbidden (both during the day or the night)
    Guests must supervise their pets’ behaviour and they are responsible for any damage caused by them. In case of fur or excrements on bed and linens, the Facility withdraws the cost from the guest card. Pets can not bother other clients otherwise they can be removed.
  • j. The Direction has the right to annul the contract in case guests do not respect any of the above mentioned rules

10) WI FI:

  • a. Free Wi-Fi available in every accommodation. Wi-Fi code available after the Check-in procedure, prior personal information release and signing the privacy consent form.

11) TIME:

  • a. Respect the times on our website to benefit from our services
  • b. Rooms will be delivered between 2:20 PM and midnight.
  • c. Please leave the room within 10:00 AM
  • d. Please inform us in advance in case of different times of arrival/departure
  • e. FACILITIES: please respect the scheduled services time. ApartHotel Milano Inn is not obliged to offer any kind of service out of time nor to refund for guests negligence or delay
    HQ Food & Wine Delivery service:
    – brunch from midday to 01:30 PM
    – happy Hour and dinner from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM
    Customer service:
    – from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM and from 2:30 PM to 9:00 PM.


  • a. Electricity 220 Volt available, please verify that your devices are compatible with it.
  • b. Accommodations are provided with italian sockets. Use adapters in case your devices are not compatible with them. Contact our customer services for assistance.
  • c. We are not responsible for any damages to electrical devices due to force majeure events (unexpected blackout, sudden change in tension, etc.)


  •  a. ApartHotel Milano Inn does not have any smoking accommodation so smoking inside is strongly forbidden.
  • b. Smoking, burning anything or lighting candles is not allowed nor in the rooms nor in the shared areas.
  • c. Turning on flames in the room is strongly forbidden.
  • d. Using naked flam devices is strongly forbidden, whatever the fuel is (flame, grill, barbecue, stove, lamps, etc.).


  • a. having lunch or dinner in terraces or balconies is not allowed for hygienic and safety reasons.


  • s. ApartHotel Milano Inn is not responsible for any loss of value items (every guest has to guard his proper belongings), damages due to force majeure (weather conditions, natural disasters, epidemies, diseases, strong wind, trees or branches that could fall down, thefts in free parking or garage, thefts around the Facility). There will not be any discount for presumed disruptions due to the above mentioned causes.

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